“TANAT Association has been set up, following a personal request from Billou Mohamed Moctar, ONODEP chairman and Abalak Mayor.”

This project was initiated by ONODEP ngo from Niger, set up by Abalak inhabitants to create and manage TANAT School. ONODEP Chairman is Hamed Billou MOHAMED MOCTAR, Abalak Mayor.


TANAT association :

  • Is a French association.
  • Its vocation is to contribute to education, development and peace in Niger.
  • Its mission is to support the TANAT School project by financing the building, balancing the school running expenses and managing the sponsorships and partnerships.
  • Made of about 10 voluntary helpers and more than 300 donors and sponsors.
  • Each euro given goes totally to TANAT School because all running expenses are borne totally by the voluntary helpers.
Billou Mohamed Moctar
Billou Mohamed Moctar

Derniers articlesThe Educational Partners

The Bayard institution and the Itec Boisfleury high school of Grenoble  set up  pedagogical and technical partnerships with  ONODEP and TANAT, to provide a support respectful ot the specificities of  the  educational system in Niger.

Derniers articles The Institutional Partners

  • Abalak town Council
  • Niger Ministry of Education  ( the primary and secondary school inspectorates)

This project was supported and approved by the Abalak Mayor and the Prefect of the Abalak department. Following the strong supports of the chief education officer and the regional education director, the Minister of Education granted the TANAT School creation and opening permits.

Derniers articles TANAT Association Board

  • Michel Crozet, sponsorships
  • Bruno Grillet, teaching skills
  • Jean-Marie Hatton, relations with institutions
  • Dominique Héraud, general secretary
  • Guy de Place, chairman
  • Sylvie de Place, treasurer
  • Guy Thomas, teaching skills
  • Catherine Vialle, health and prevention