Our sponsors

Derniers articles Our Sponsors and Partners

These companies, institutions, schools and others support us financially and materially or share their expertise and know-how and thus contribute to the sustainability and excellence of the TANAT School.

Derniers articles Schools in Solidarity with TANAT

Every year before Easter, these schools ask their pupils to show their solidarity with TANAT by replacing a meal with a bowl of rice. The subsequent savings are given to our association.

To give meaning to this gesture of solidarity, a presentation of the TANAT School is made to all the pupils before the “bowl of rice”.

  • Institution Bayard  – Grenoble

  • Lycée Itec Boisfleury – Meylan

  • Collège Luzy Dufeillant – Beaurepaire

  • Institution Saint François – La Côte Saint André

  • Lycée professionnel privé La Fontaine – Faverges