The project

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“In Niger in the Abalak area, only one child out of two goes to primary school and 86% of the teachers are “contract workers” with no teaching training .”

Facing this situation, Abalak and its Azawagh area inhabitants , set up a NGO from Niger,  ONODEP chaired by the Mayor Billou Mohamed Moctar, to build and manage a school.

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The first goal : a school from nursery school to final year

  • Primary level : about 200 pupils
  • Secondary school : about 140 pupils
  • High school : about 100 pupils

The future prospects are the setting up of a secondary school for vocational training.

School running expenses are partly taken in charge by the pupils.

30 % of the number of pupils is reserved to pupils whose families cannot bear such charges.

These pupils are selected according to their merits by a Committee where ONODEP, the pupils’ parents committee, Abalak City Hall, TANAT school, are represented.

Some sponsoring managed by TANAT Association in France, allows to take in charge such pupils and as a consequence to balance school running expenses.


The main targets are :

  • At least 50% of girls within the school
  • A pass rate (BEPC, BAC) higher than 80% 

Derniers articles The Educational Project




  • To welcome children, boys and girls, irrespective of social, cultural and religious background.
  • To give the young entrusted to Tanat school on top of a sound academic education, human training to prepare them for behaving in life like trustworthy men and women.
  • To foster a family atmosphere that allows young people to feel loved, accepted, supported and valued.


This project materialize in the values that all wish to live with within TANAT School : kindness, honesty, solidarity, tolerance, respect, freedom and work.

The completion Milestones

October 2009 – Primary school opening

Classes of CI (nursery school) CP, CE1, CE2

The number of pupils is  120


October 2010

CM1 & CM2 classes opening

The number of pupils is 180


October 2011 – Secondary school opening

6eme et 5eme classes opening

The number of pupils is 227


October 2012

4eme class opening

The number of pupils is 279


October 2013

3eme class opening

The number of pupils is 324


October 2014 – High school opening

“Seconde” class opening

The number of pupils is 355


October 2015

“Première” class opening

The number of pupils is 377


October 2016

“Terminale” class opening

The number of pupils is 418